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Wild Crafted Sun-Dried Sea Moss
Our wild crafted sea moss is harvested from the Jamaican coast in the Caribbean Sea.
Sun-dried sea moss can keep for up to 12 months in an airtight container or in your freezer.
USAGE: It can be made into a gel/paste or grounded into powder form. It's a popular additive in smoothies, juices, raw dessert recipes (creates a thick consistency perfect for raw cheesecakes), sauces, puddings, jam, non-dairy ice cream and dressings. It can be added to miso soup broths and it creates a thick nutritious soup stock. 


Before you start, what you'll need:

  • 1 large Glass/Ceramic Bowl
  • 1-2 Gallons of Spring/Alkaline Water
  • Key limes/Limes/Lemon
  • Glass Jar with lid
  • High Speed Blender
  • Rinse your Jamrock sea moss and place in bowl of room temperature Spring/Alkaline water for 1 hour (this allows the dried sea moss to swell a little allowing for a more thorough clean).
  • After 1 hour soak, clean sea moss thoroughly.
  • Soak cleaned sea moss for 24 hours in room temperature Spring/Alkaline water ensuring that there is enough water in your bowl to allow for swelling (water should be at least 4” above submerged sea moss).
  • Add the juice of freshly squeezed key limes to soaking water.
  • After soaking for 24-hours, remove rehydrated sea moss from water, place in high speed blender (i.e. Ninja), lightly packed and cover with fresh spring/alkaline water.
  • Blend until smooth (*2-5 minutes). *Blending duration depends on blender speed.
  • Add more water to attain your desired consistency (chilled gel will have a  thicker consistency. 1:1 ratio is the consistency of applesauce once chilled).
  • Pour into a glass jar and refrigerate until ready to use. *Store in the refrigerator for up to 21 day or in freezer for up to 6 weeks.