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"Seamoss is a powerhouse in organic minerals & micronutrients"

Gluten- Free, Vegan, Raw, Health Friendly, Wild Crafted, Superfood

About Our Moss

Sea Moss is a red algae harvested from the ocean. It is a superfood used to replenish and maintain essential nutrients in the body. Sea Moss supports a healthy lifestyle and helps to cleanse the body of toxins. Sea Moss has been thought to have a positive effect on an assortment of ailments.

Our Jamaican sea moss is 100% wild crafted. Harvested along the coast it contains 92 of the trace minerals that the human body requires to function properly.  Our nutrient dense sea moss is sun-dried to retain its mineral rich properties. Once made into a gel (restorative jelly) it is almost odorless and tasteless, perfect for consuming by the spoonful or lending itself as the flawless addition to smoothies, shakes, sauces,  soups and a host of other beverage and other dishes.

In Jamaica it’s known as “Irish Moss”.

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My wife's results made me "Moss Up" a couple of months ago & I've been at a 100% since!

J.T 2/1/2020

Great product, quick shipping. I'm now a believer!

Matt C. 1/21/2020

I'm a regular customer and have been taking the restorative jell for almost a year. I no longer crave ice, my colon is happy, I no longer need mid-day naps, my hair stopped shedding (and its thicker) and the "ants" in my fingertips have diminished. 

J Crosby 1/17/2020

Where have you been all my life?!?I use to think that my sister was exaggerating about how the sea moss shifted her whole mood...I know better know!!! Mood shifted, bowels, shifted, appetite shifted, hairline shifted!

Lisa-Anne J. 12/20/2019

Solid product. I now understand the hype! You have a lifetime customer

Daniel S. 12/31/2019

Great quality moss. Iron increased & my blood pressure decreased. 

M. James 12/18/2019

Life changing experience. I've been vegan 8 years & adding the restorative gel to my daily routine put some pep in my step, my hair, my nails and my mental clarity. A++

B Lowes 12/15/2019

My skin is healthier, my hair is thicker,  my body doesn't ache and my stamina increased. Excellent product (I use the gel in an ounce of juice daily)! 

Katia M. 11/28/2019